SPAG activists are involved in local and national campaigns and holds open meetings on the First Friday of the Month.

SPAG is affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) and members report back from it and the following campaigning groups 

  • Tony O'Brien and Celia Cronin are delegated to attend national and regional meetings of the NPC and the Pensioners Annual Parliament. 
  • Tom White, Steve Lancashire and Elizabeth Rylance-Watson campaign on mental health issues notably the Place of Sanctuary Campaign they are also founder members of Southwark's Keep Our NHS Public.
  • Celia Cronin is a member of the Southwark Planning Network and report back to SPAG
  • Jennifer Quinton Chelly every week on Twitter forwarded to/tagged for one of my campaigns @SHouT_Southwark (The Voice of Southwark Housing Tenants) - I notified of OAPs (60-81+ and some disabled+living alone) in London and beyond - about to be made homeless for no reason under this obscene Section 21 of the Housing Act.

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