SPAG holds Monthly meetings on 1st Friday of every Month from 10.00 sharp - 12.00 at the Southwark Pensioners Centre (coffee and socialising from 9.45am)

Future Meetings

· 5th July: Pensioners Parliament (Celia and Tony) and Moorfields Hospital plans for visually impaired (Cathy to advise on speaker)

· 2nd August: Campaign Reports

· 6th September: Adult social care: Cllr. Jasmin Ali and David Quirk-Thornton Director of Social Services to be confirmed.

· 4th October: Campaign Reports

· 1st November: Health: speakers to be decided

· 6th December: Campaign Reports

Southwark Keep our NHS Public

Are holding steering group meetings.  If you are interested in knowing more about these meetings, please use the Contact Us form and your details will be forwarded to the organiser, Steve Lancashire.