Taken from Then & Now - The Story of Southwark pensioners Centre a booklet published in 2013  by the Southwark Pensioners Centre

" The past and current campaigns of SPAG, the Southwark Pensioners Centre and Southwark Pensioners Forum have included:

Restoring the Link between Pensions and Earnings
Breast Cancer Screening for Older Women
Beds Not Trolleys, drawing attention to time awaiting treatment in King's College Hospital Accident and Emergency Department
Campaign against the ending of dedicated police officers and older people's policing group
Campaign against Adult Education Cuts
Campaigning for the rights of older people in the Maudsley Hospital
Save Dulwich Hospital Campaign
Campaign to abolish Home Help charges
Advocating The Dignity Code to uphold the rights and maintain the personal dignity of older people less able to care for themselves or to properly conduct their affairs
Campaigns against the Closure of Police Stations and Post Offices
Campaign against Age Discrimination
Campaign to save Southwark Council's Holiday Homes
Say No to Ageism

Fuel Poverty Action
The Development of the Lay Inspectors scheme
Campaign for more Public Toilets
Campaign against the closure of Lewisham Hospital Accident and Emergency Department and Ward Closures
Campaign to combat social isolation
Campaign against library charges
Campaign for improvements in homecare and mental health services, including LINK-visiting "